Monday, July 06, 2009

Mix & Match Wardrobe 1949 #1

In today's economy, when we're all thinking about how to save a few dollars, doesn't a mix and match wardrobe make a lot of sense? And if you can sew, making separates from fabrics that co-ordinate is a smart choice. This week, let's look at some Advance Patterns from 1949, and ideas for how to combine the separates into a multitude of options.

Advance Pattern 5119 includes patterns for a cap sleeved blouse, button front high waisted skirt, a bolero jacket with sleeve cuffs, a bra top, and shorts. There are lots of possibilities here. And your options increase if you make the pieces in both fabrics.

Here, the blouse is sewn in a yellow and black polka dot print and combined with the shorts in solid black. A wide red belt adds a pop of color at the waist.

Make the skirt in the polka dot print, the bolero jacket in solid black with polka dot cuffs, and you've got a summer suit option.

Other choices are endless:
- Polka dot bra top and shorts make a cute play suit.
- Ditto with both pieces in black.
- Pair the polka dot bra top with black shorts for a third play suit, and the black bra top with polka dot shorts for a fourth.
- Solid black skirt with solid black blouse.
- Solid black skirt with polka dot blouse and black jacket.
- Polka dot skirt with polka dot blouse and black jacket.

You get the idea. How would you mix and match these pieces?


Sal said...

All fun options! I'd do the polka dot skirt with black blouse and polka dot jacket.

Berry said...

Aw I love the polka dots! =D

fuzzylizzie said...

I'd probably make just the sleeveles top, in both a solid and a print, solid shorts and a skirt in both. So many possibilities!

Piroska said...

I love the idea of the polka dot skirt and matching bra top, especially in that yellow with black spots! Aagh, where will I ever find fabric like that?

Couture Allure Vintage Fashion said...

Look at that. 4 different ways to combine the pieces, and all different than the options I've shown.

Brian said...

Wow nice wardrobe, look like a Summer Suits. For me, I will chose those polka dots skirts. I think that one will fit to my wife and I know she love that style.

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