Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Vintage Coats - 1980s

Today, I am finishing my series on coat styles through the decades with a look at the 1980s. The 80s was all about exaggeration. The inverted wedge or triangle shape ruled fashion with big shoulders and tapered legs. Coats had huge oversized shoulder pads, and they were worn over jackets or tops that had their own shoulder pads. Women looked like linebackers. Classic styles, such as the reefer or the trench coat were large in the shoulder and slim below the waist with deep dolman armholes.

Gianni Versace 1984

Claude Montana 1984

Gianfranco Ferre 1984

Bright pops of color were worn with black. This vivid turquoise wedge coat by Cuddlecoat is worn over black tights.

Here you can see another popular look, the flanged shoulder. Big tucks were taken at the shoulders to add volume, and then tapered to slimness below the waist.

Even basic trench coats had big shoulder pads. This one is by London Fog.

For casual wear, the bomber jacket, based on the classic baseball style, was popular in leather and acid washed denim.

Georges Marciano 1984

I hope you've found this series on coat styles through the years helpful when trying to date a vintage coat. It's been fun going down memory lane!


Past Perfect Vintage Clothing said...

I must admit my favorite coat ever was a 1980s Perry Ellis - grey wool raglan sleeves, big shoulders, high collar and long swing body. It went over everything with ease and looked great with boots. I wore it out!

Mandi said...

This was a great series. I'm so glad you ended with the 80's. I started reading magazines in the 80s as a young girl, and dreamed of wearing these kinds of looks. Now of course, I cringe to see that, and am slightly horrified to know that designers now are trying to bring some of it back. But these pics were nice to see, and a nice trip back.

Suzanne said...

In 1985 I got my for-a-while favorite coat - swingy, black, with those dolman sleeves and epaulettes.

My favorite coat now is vintage and has the swing element, but without the military linebacker thing.

Thanks for posting such wonderful emblematic photos - I almost forgot about the asymmetrical hairstyle - yep, had that too. A bear to grow out.

Gladys said...

I had one with leather on the big linebacker shoulder area and because it was 2 sizes too big I had to roll the sleeves. I felt so cool wearing it. (OK really I was a lame 30 somethig but I felt cool)

Gerri Ward said...

WOW! I luv this post it's solely with FABULOUS COOL COATS!!!:)))

Tom Tuttle from Tacoma said...

thanks for doing such series. i really enjoyed the journey.

Belle de Ville said...

Seriously, it makes me cringe to see some of these images, just as it makes me cringe when I see photos of myself from the 80s.

Vicki @ Nostalgic Collections said...

I kept my favorite 80s coats. Hope they are coming back in because I'd love to show them off!

AMIT said...

I really like the coats and its color.

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