Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Bergdorf Goodman Catalog - Fall 1985

I came across this mail order catalog from Bergdorf Goodman when cleaning my office the other day. While I could do without the big shoulders, I love all of these looks, which say "classic and elegant" to me. Let's look ahead to fall, shall we?

Left: Donna Karan black wool jersey sweatercoat worn over her black jersey bodysuit, white silk faille blouse, and black tube skirt. Hat, hat pin, and earrings also by Donna Karan.
Right: Calvin Klein cashmere chesterfield coat with velvet collar worn over his black wool jersey turtleneck and pants. Black alligator belt by Barry Kieselstein-Cord.

Left: Louis Dell'Olio for Anne Knein handknit black wool sweater over a wool broadcloth skirt.
Right: Mary Ann Restivo navy wool crepe jumpsuit.

Left: Castleberry Knits 3 piece suit. Pearl and charm 48" necklace by Richard Serbin.
Right: Maglia navy suede wrap jacket worn over Barry Bricken gray flannel pants.

Left: Paul Levy black wool melton coat with sheared beaver fur collar.
Right: Searle white wool fleece coat.

Left: Victor Costa black velvet sheath dress with black Norwegian fox fur at the hip. ♥
Right: Saint Romei black silk jacquard cocktail dress with back drape.

Tomorrow I'll share some more casual looks from the same catalog.

All photos by Paul Lange for Bergdorf Goodman.


Miss Rayne said...

Definately in my wardrobe when an art student back in the day

The Vintage Independent said...

Gotta love the 80s! :) Can't wait for more pics tomorrow!

Gladys said...

That blue suit looks like something Nancy Reagan would have worn. I always admired her taste.

nommh said...

I have been obsessed by the 80ies recently, I suppose to make up for the fact that I spent the last 2 years in some Rip van Winkle land fashion-wise.
Now I cannot get enough. It may not have been the most elegant decade I have lived through, but there was an exuberance, an optimism. Let's change the human shape, have some fun with really bright colours. Let's have styling instead of matchy matchy outfits and let's do away with architectural hairdos.
I'm not sure I want the shoulder pads back, but I love the spirit - so keep them coming!

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