Friday, April 22, 2011

In Your 1960s Easter Bonnet

Sunday is Easter, a day when traditionally a woman would unveil her new spring hat with much fanfare. It's going to be a week of few words as we look at hats through the years. Use your imagination and make up your own story about the women who wore these hats, or about yourself having the experience of wearing one of them. Share your story in the comments if you like. Today, the 1960s, the last great decade of hats.












Erin said...

Love the one for 1963. But so far the 1930s have been my favorite decade for these hats.

Nicole said...

Amazing hats! I find it interesting how many of these women have an Audrey Hepburn look about them. Interesting how they chose models who looked like a popular celebrity. I don't think that they do that today.

I have loved the hat posts. So cool!

Kirsten said...

I love, love this series. Just to see how the hats evolved was so much fun.

And I love hats--look for them at estate sales all the time. Have absolutely no idea where I will wear them all.

Somewhere my mom has a photo of my sister and I in our Easter best with hats that appeared in the newspaper in Oklahoma when we were growing up.

Jill Ann said...

Love the hat pictures! Question for you: back when everyone wore hats, did they come in different sizes for women? Unlike today, when all hats are one-size-fits-all, except that it DOESN'T fit those of us with quite large heads.

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