Friday, May 06, 2011

Vintage Couture Evening Gowns - 1934

Want to see some couture evening gowns from 1934?  I thought so.  Which is your favorite?

Maggy Rouff purple and gold silk gown worn with a large purple velvet scarf.

Chanel gold lamé evening gown.  The bodice is embroidered with gold metallic threads.

Callot Soeurs silk faille gown in dove gray with pink pleated frills at the back.

Jacques Heim black silk satin mermaid hem gown worn with a white fox fur stole.

Marcel Rochas black silk stripe gown with ruffles down the sides.  The gown is adorned with a bird made of black feathers that has a diamante beak.


Val said...

They are all gorgeous. I swear, though, that women back then all had their hips surgically removed when they hit puberty. They were so thin!

those tricks said...

I can't choose.
The skirt of #3 slays me. If the cape is removable - that's the one.
Next up is #2 whose top kills.

FairyFiligree said...

They are fabulous - such glamour! I like the Maggy Rouff gown most.

Sheila said...

That last gown is fantastic. Wow.

deang said...

I like the Rochas best, but without the bird. I also like the Rouff. I always felt like 1930s designers over-accessorized and added so many fussy details that it detracted from the sinuous lines and deft construction.

Mad Scientist said...

definitely the Rouff

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