Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Debutante of the Year - 1947

Do you recognize her?  It's Jacqueline Bouvier wearing a $59 off-the-rack dress in 1947.  In 6 years she would be the wife of Senator John F. Kennedy and in another 7 she would be First Lady.  Do you think she had any idea of what was to come behind that smile?


Luna said...

wow, I dont think she knew. Soon I will have my prom. I hope somthing will come behind my smile ;)

Lindsay T said...

So a $59 dress in 1947 is equal to a $569 dress today...still cheap for a deb dress! Love this photo of her.

My Favorite Pieces said...

Love that photo,so cute...Feminine, yet fun, stylish, yet simple.

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