Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Details Make the Difference

Details can make such a difference! This cute red, white, and blue stripe dress dates to the early 1940's. This is not a "designer" garment. It is an everyday dress that was probably purchased at a small town dress shop. But, even though it wasn't an expensive dress, take a look at the attention to detail in the construction.

The patch pockets are made from 3 separate pieces for visual interest by varying the direction of the stripes. The red, white, and blue circles of the buttons complement the stripes.

Also notice the attention given in matching the stripes at the center front and back seams of the skirt. If you sew, you know this is not easy to do. The pattern pieces must be cut and then sewn with great care to get the match exactly right. This type of matching is only found in the most expensive garments today, but was considered the norm back in the 40's!

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