Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Vintage Hang Tags

We just listed this lovely early 1950's nightgown by Luxite. This beauty still has the original hang tag attached, and in reading it, I am struck by the fact that the manufacturer truly cared about the product they made and the woman who was their customer.

When you read the hang tag, you get a feel for the time and attention given to details, the consideration used when choosing the right fabric, trims, and thread so the garment would last, and the thoughtfulness in providing the customer with detailed instructions on how to launder the nightgown so it would last for years.

It just makes me feel more beautiful to read, "Wear and enjoy Luxite nylon tricot lingerie....its daintiness is enduring. Follow these easy washing instructions.", instead of today's terse "Hand Wash, Line Dry, Do Not Iron."

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