Thursday, October 11, 2007

I Screamed When Saw It!

It doesn't happen very often, but every once in awhile a vintage dress takes your breath away. I recently purchased a load of vintage dresses from a gal who was getting out of the vintage business after 30 years. She had things in piles in a bedroom of her home, was getting ready to move, and just wanted it gone. We filled about 6 large trash bags with things and I brought them home. I really didn't take the time to look at everything while I was loading the bags. I knew the quality was top notch and didn't have the time.

The other day, I took out one of the bags to inventory the clothing and get it photographed. My hand touched the black velvet, and I knew the dress was a good one because it had that substantial feel of high quality vintage. I held the dress up, and those 3 dimensional wings on the sides of the skirt made me gasp. And then.....

and then.....

I found the Ceil Chapman label. That's when I screamed out loud! Those of you who love vintage will understand. My husband thinks I'm crazy when stuff like this happens. I mean, it's just a dress.

But What A Dress!!!!

See this dress and more at Couture Allure Vintage Fashion .