Monday, October 28, 2013

Are You Tired of Vintage Clothing?

I've been thinking a lot about this question lately.  As I watch what goes on in the world of vintage clothing and listen to my friends and colleagues, it has become very clear over the past several months that the popularity and desirability of vintage clothing has waned.  A lot.  

I am hard pressed to understand this sudden change in the world of vintage.  Can you help?  I would love to hear your opinions and comments either here, via email, or on my Facebook page.

Are you tired of vintage clothing?
Do you already own enough and have stopped buying?
Is the vintage market too saturated?
Is it too difficult to find what you want online?
Is it the economy?

Let's have a discussion.  I am going to open this post to anonymous comments, so if you would rather remain nameless that is fine.  And thank you for your help!