Monday, June 30, 2008

A Vintage Quiz

Here's a little quiz to see how discerning your eye is. What's wrong with this 1950's dress? No, I'm not talking about the missing button. There is something about this dress that is very obviously wrong. Take a good long look at the photo and see if you can find it.

I was thinking about titling this post "DON'T DO THIS", but I wasn't sure how many people would respond positively to that. I could have titled it "What Not to Do", but that was too close to one of my favorite TV shows.

Did you figure it out yet? Hint - the dress has been altered, probably in the 80's.

Here's a cute picture of my dog:

No, Zippy didn't alter the dress! I just needed to fill in some space on this post, so the answer to the quiz didn't pop out before you had a chance to figure it out. He is cute though, no?

Answer: The dress has been shortened about 8" from its original length. What's worse, its been cut off and shortened. DON'T DO THIS!!!! There, I said it. Please, I'm begging you, if you must shorten a vintage dress, leave the original length in the portion that you fold up. That way, the next owner can let the hem back down if she wants. I spend alot of time restoring original hem lengths to 1950's dresses that were shortened in the 60's. Hey, fashions change. Hem lengths go up and down. That's OK. But step away from the scissors.....please!

See this dress and more at Couture Allure Vintage Fashion .


Maryalice said...

If I am ever called to account before my Maker, it will be for whacking off a 1930s cocktail length doeskin suede coat to a mini-length in the 60s. I knew the instant I'd cut that it was a NO NO...and it haunts me to this day!

Lisa said...

You know, for all of the discussions about hacking off vintage, I found a McCalls magazine from the early to mid 50s that talks about how to cut up a "vintage" wedding gown, and make it new and fashionable. Maybe the debate was going on, even then.

elle s'ennuie said...

Oh dear, I just committed that no-no last night, and on a dress purchased from you no less! Eek! In my defence, I had to do it, otherwise I wouldn't have been able to wear it without tripping over it... I did fold up some of the hem, but I had to shorten it too much to be able to keep it all.
It does make me despair at times though to see so many used-to-be-maxi minis on eBay. But of course I can't know who was the one to do the whacking off, the original owner back then, or the seller now. If it was done then, it's more understandable, a way to keep the wardrobe fresh without necessarily purchasing new garments.

Shirley said...
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Becca said...

I love reconstructing vintage clothes but agonized just recently over chopping off a skirt that had grown too dry-rotted to continue. Reading your post gave me qualms of guilt! I like to think I gave the dress a new lease on life...

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