Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Train Your Vintage Eye

Here's another vintage 1950's dress similar to the one posted yesterday in our Vintage Quiz. Can you see the difference? The length on this one is 46" from shoulder to hem and the hem is original. Compare that to the 38" length on the dress posted yesterday. To some people, those 8" don't make a bit of difference, and they'd be very happy wearing the second dress. I prefer authenticity, and in my opinion, a cut hem does affect the value of a vintage dress. How do you feel about it?

See this dress and more at Couture Allure Vintage Fashion .


LuvLee said...

I remember my worst day ever on Ebay- there were maybe 30 vintage dresses hacked off into minis including a Gunne Sax Dress.
I still feel sick thinking about it.
I also have the rule to keep the extra length of fabric on the dress for the next person to wear (though I had to learn my full lesson from my ebay experience.)
People need to get over instant gratification and take the time to preserve for the next generation.
Thats my bit...

fuzzylizzie said...

The very nature of cloth lends itself to altering. And for centuries people have been remaking garments to update them or to pass on to another wearer. This is just the normal lifecycle of clothing. As much as I hate the current trend toward chopping off dresses to make them fit in with today's fashion, I'll admit to doing the same thing back in the 1970s. For wearable clothing, I'm afraid altering is just not avoidable. BUT, it does really hurt to see dresses whacked off with no thought to the overall design and porportations of it, and it is especially bad when a seller does this just to make a vintage item fit in with today's fashion.
My biggest concern is that the acceptance of thoughtless altering will lead to valuable garments being ruined. One day it's 70s maxi dresses and the next day it's 1930s crepes, and then next thing you know, a perfectly preserved Fortuny is minimized.
You mentioned value. As a collector, I want items that are as close to original as possible. I do not want shortened 50s dresses, and do not buy them. But if I were looking for a dress to wear myself, I might look for one that had been already shortened because I am short.

The Truth said...
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