Thursday, October 30, 2008

Doing Housework in a Dress

In these ads from the October 1959 issue of Ladies Home Journal, one would think women dressed up to do the cleaning, cooking, and laundry. Somehow, I don't think life was as pretty as these advertisers (men) would have us think. I can remember my mom wearing pants and blouses during the day, but always changing into something pretty before dad got home from the office. And she would usually pop on a shirtwaist when going out to run errands, at least when I was younger. But wearing a dress while vacuuming or scrubbing the bathroom? I don't think so.

Thank goodness for jeans and sweats!

And microwaves!


Penny said...

i love these old adverts!! where do you find such wonderful images? x

Couture Allure Vintage Fashion said...

Hi Penny!

The images are coming right from the vintage magazines. I have a huge stack of them here in my office. They are a lot of fun to look at!

Lillgull said...

I must begin to say that I love your webbpage and I especially enjoyed the "how to buy a hat" articles! About wearing dresses doing house shores: -I think you could probably ad some everyday glamour and fun into the light housecleaning or dishwashing by doing them in a vintage 50s dress! Just bee sure to wear an apron to protect the dress from spots and dirt.
One of my best friends wears Italian designer high heels while vacuuming just for the fun of it and its actually a pretty good workout for the legs and buns as well ;)
I love the housewife in the 50's ads, but I think its an idealised image of the women of that time. I'm a daydreamer...
In real life I realise that it´s not so practical wearing garden-party dresses wile scrubbing the kitchen floors.

Couture Allure Vintage Fashion said...

Lillgull, you're right about wearing an apron! I have several in my kitchen, and they really are indispensible to me. Thanks for your kind compliments. It's always good to know I have loyal readers!

CaramelSmoothie said...

AH! That baby is 50 years old now. :-)

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