Friday, October 03, 2008

Pendleton 49er Jacket with Pairables

One of my favorite vintage pieces in my closet is my classic Pendleton 49'er jacket from the 1950's. It looks just like this one, but in a different plaid. This ad, from the September 1955 issue of Seventeen magazine, shows all the various pieces Pendleton made to co-ordinate with their 49'er jackets.

"College cheers for Pendleton's beautiful Dress Black Watch the loveliest woolens ever to leave the loom! Here it joins two famous Pairables, 49'er jacket with Pleatmaster skirt...and so you can keep your whole wardrobe in the clan...see how it spans Pendleton's trews, walkers, and wonderful new Sweater-Jacket, too!"

Trews: Close-fitting trousers, usually of tartan. Variant of trouser. - That's a new one on me!

So, pair your 49'er with the skirt, the trews, or the walking shorts. Or pair the sweater-jacket with the skirt, the trews, or the walking shorts. For me, that's a bit too much plaid at one time. I always pair my 49'er with solids, and would do the same with all of these separates. I do love how the 49'er is belted here, though, and may try that one of these days.

The 49'er was $19.95 in 1955 ($160 today). The Pleatmaster skirt was $14.95 in 1955 ($120 today).