Thursday, May 26, 2011

Bright Pops of Color: 1965

Lately on the website, I can't keep wild printed dresses from the 1960s in stock.  There are more to come, I promise, but for today, here are some photos from 1965 for you to enjoy.  Do you think these prints are flying out the door because of a current fashion trend or are they perennially popular for you?

David Crystal

Mme. Gres

Pauline Trigere

Frank Usher



Val said...

I love number two and the last. Wow! What great color! Just the other night I was watching some reruns of Bewitched from 1966. The dresses that Samantha was wearing in it are very similar to those in this post. They aren't all my thing (I'm not an orange fan) but some of them (such as the ones that have lots of teal) are absolutely top knotch in my mind. Keep the eye candy coming!

Belle de Ville said...

I remember my mother having dresses like those.
I would wear that first dress fact I would wear all of those dresses.

melina bee said...

I've been into bright 60s patterns consistently since I very first got into fashion as a tween. the second to last dress is exactly my taste.

rental mobil elf said...

Very nice, thanks.

Monique said...

Always wonderful as far as I'm concerned. Love the last one. Actually, love them all!!

Couture Allure Vintage Fashion said...

So glad you all like these. I'll be bringing more bright prints to Couture Allure over the coming weeks.

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