Wednesday, March 28, 2012

It's a Whole New Mad Men Fashion World

I first fell in love with Mad Men because of the fabulous early 60s fashions worn by Betty, Joan and Peggy.  So did the rest of the world.  I finally got to watch the Season 5 premiere yesterday and I'm in love again, this time with the bright, young fashions of 1966.  Watch out, Betty, there's a new girl in town!  Her name is Megan and she is set to take over our imaginations and become newest fashion inspiration for vintage fashionistas everywhere.

Here, Megan wears a black mini dress with sheer angel sleeves and a high neckline adorned with rhinestones.  She wore the dress with black fishnets and looked incredibly sexy as she sang "Zou Bisou" to Don.

And here is Megan's stand out ensemble worn to work.  Her simple bright orange shift is worn with a coordinating  coat in a bold and modern zig-zag print.

We'll see bold prints galore this season.  Jane Sterling looked perfect in this printed evening gown with long dangle earrings and big hairdo.

There was even a party attendee wearing what looked like Pucci.  Evidently, these women have $$$$$$!

 That orange and yellow checkered dress worn by Cynthia Cosgrove was actually bands of silk chiffon woven in and out to make the boldly patterned fabric.  Trudy Campbell's dress looks matronly in comparison, although her big hair was really well done.

 Peggy looked her usual awkward self.  She just doesn't care about clothes, although I really liked this navy dress she wore when presenting an ad campaign to clients.

The dress Peggy wore to Don's birthday party was 5 years out-of-date and could have been worn by Betty in Season 1 or 2.  But that's OK.  It's Peggy.
And then there is new mother Joan.  She looked jarringly out of fashion in this pink sheath she wore to visit the office.  She even wore little white gloves while pushing the baby's perambulator.  Joan's curvy figure is not compatible with the new younger styles and she knows it.  I think we'll continue to see her wear what suits her body, and her fashion choices will start to look out of place among the staff that works for her.

What was your favorite look from the show?


Rebecca said...

I am in love with Megan's work ensemble. I adore that zig zag coat! I also really like Jane's dress. :]

Victoria said...

Loved the groovy new fashions that were showing up. I wanted to freeze frame the party so I could get a good look at all the lovely clothes, there was quite a mix of fashion, even slim slacks in, if I remember correctly, lime green. Lots of color blocking.

Liz said...

omg Megan's party dress! i MUST own it!
also her orange work outfit ?)
you said it right, looks like she's about to take over our imaginations!

nicoleciomek said...

Love this analysis. Just caught up last night on the premiere. This show always inspires me with its clothes and sets. And luckily, it has fantastic writing and great story lines. I really loved Megan's outfits over and over in this episode.

I agree with you on Peggy's dress she wore for the presentation - it was good for her. Looking forward to more of these posts!

Stephanie said...

I'm curious to see what Betty will be wearing this season. She seemed to be going in a matronly direction at the end of last season. Megan's dress was amazing at the party. You can definitely see a new direction in fashion and their personalities matched it. Joan seems wiser and more womanly and I hope she stays true to her shape and style. It seems to intimidate the younger girls.

Sew Indigo said...

With the fashion of this season well and truly entering the 60s, I think we'll see a resurgence of popularity of this decade. Up until know I think the interest ha mostly been with the 50s.

Renata said...

I loved the orange ensemble worn by Megan at the office, as well as the Pucci prints. I am really looking forward to watching the next episodes! It´s gonna be really fun.

Therese said...

Jane Sterling's orange and white swirl gown reminded me of the dress that the Romulan Commander wore two years later on Star Trek! (The Enterprise Incident)
Here's a link to a picture of that fantastic gown:

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