Tuesday, July 16, 2013

1950s Dresses - The Swish Without the Pouf

The popularity of 1950s full skirted dresses has been on the wane for the last few months, but I now find that they are coming back in a big way with one significant difference.  Women who wear this style now prefer to wear their full skirted dresses without crinolines.  They want the swish of a full skirt without the fullness of a petticoat. 

For that reason, I will be photographing 1950s dresses both ways for you so you can see how they look when worn with and without that slip.  This 1950s Suzy Perette dress is a great example of how a 50s dress can look great no matter how you choose to wear it.  

Here's another example of how the look changes with a crinoline and without.

What is your preference when wearing 50s dresses?  With or without?


Lisa said...

This is one of the reasons I love a 50's full skirted dress! Two looks!

I personally prefer a crin because it makes the waist look so tiny, but often find that wearing one for most occasions is a bit impractical. In such cases I'm happy to wear my full skirted dresses without a crinoline for what I feel, is a bit of a more casual and less fussy look.

I must be a bit nuts, because this post made me a little excited! I enjoyed it! lol!


Dame du Diable said...

I like both, but for different occasions. I feel like the crinoline makes for more of a party dress and has less of a place in daily life now. You have to worry about fitting it through doorways and it looks a little over dressed or like a costume. Without a crinoline it's still a pretty dress and it's not as fussy. I'm more of a pencil skirt kind of person anyway, so that may have something to do with my preference for a less full skirt.

DISOWNED said...

I prefer without in the warmer months, and with in the winter.
But sometimes I break my own rules. That's the beauty of having freedom to do both!

<3 dani

Mayrozez said...

I'm right in line with Lisa and Dame du Diable. I love me a crinoline and look for occasions - usually dressier - where I feel it will be appropriate and not wind up being the "one vintage item too many" that tips my look from unique to eccentric. And I was very happy to see this post, too, because I have often wondered if others feel like they have to find excuses to pouf out! Glad you'll be using both shots.

Ginny said...

Honestly, I rarely wear mine with a crinoline petticoat- I wear very full skirts as day-to-day wear regularly, and a big underskirt is just too much. What I do often wear with them is a cotton underskirt. I have one that is two layers pleated into a waistband, and one that is a 3-tier gathered one, similar in shape to your average crinoline but less pouffy due to the heavier fabric. They give a little support without being voluminous!

Yin Yee said...

I used to wear it with a crinoline when I first started wearing vintage. I enjoyed the party dressier feel. But gradually it felt costume-y. I now love the shift dress look and find that it really suits me. So when I wear a 50s dress I go without a crin. Problem is it feels a little flat and the skirt falls too long.

sewmuch2learn said...

I love the look of the full skirt but my daughter would never wear a crinoline. I toyed with the idea of putting a red crinoline under the last dress I did and having it peek out from under the dress just a little. I was voted down.

BetterDressesVintage said...

I usually end up somewhere in between. A fluffy slip/small crinoline rather than a full-on poofy one, especially for everyday wear.

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