Monday, December 02, 2013

Ben Reig Evening Gown - 1969

Are they palazzo pants or is it just a very full gown?  Hard to say, as there is no mention of the fact in the ad copy.  I. Magnin simply says, "dreamy moonbird.  Plunged in glamorous, gleamy silk satin by Ben Reig. Our exclusive."

Ben Reig, one of the designers beloved by America's well-to-do women, women who "are pillars of country clubs and who never get thrown out of restaurants," this said at a time when fashion was turned upside down by pants, plunging bra-less decolletage, mini skirts and see-through blouses.  "No wearer of a Ben Reig costume is going to get photographed because she's way-out, and no Ben Reig customer wants to be."

First quote by Angela Taylor writing for the New York Times, May 1969.
Second quote by Florence de Santis, New York reporter, January 1969.
Photo by Jack Cowley for I. Magnin, 1969. Model Lauren Hutton.