Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Ceil Chapman - 1955

You know that I love the ad copy that accompanies Bergdorf Goodman ads.  This one is from 1955.

"Chiffon Flame in the Wind by Ceil Chapman $135
Born to dance the night away - our silk chiffon in a smoldering, flaming pink.  It's draped bodice, one-shouldered stole and cloud-formation skirt beautiful accompaniment to music heard or unheard.  Also in black, in sizes 8 to 16."

The stole shown draped around her head is attached at one shoulder and can hang freely down the back of the gown.  Interesting gathered waist extends up into the bust and down into the hips.  $135 is about $1,176 in today's dollar.

Would you chose pink or black?

Photo by Karen Radkai for Bergdorf Goodman.  
Full page ad from Harper's Bazaar, 1955.


Fashionista said...

I'd pick the pink! Because everyone wears black here (Melbourne Aust). Even though I'm probably just a bit too old for wearing pink.....Oh but who cares?! The reality is, if I could get my hands on a frock like that the colour is immaterial. Gorgeous picture.

Mad Scientist said...

It would depend on the exact shade, but "smouldering, flaming pink"? What other colour could you choose really? Even if it is a contradiction :) said...

The Spadea pattern company released a line of Ceil Chapman patterns in the 1950s and 60s. You can find them occasionally, but they're pretty pricey on eBay. I have a few of them patterns and am looking forward to recreating an LBD by her.

Louise said...

Oh for a time machine..... I'd pick pink, because, as stated above, everyone else would be in black.

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