Monday, May 21, 2007

Passion for Purses

Hello, my name is Jody and I am addicted to vintage purses. I have so many in my stash, I can't keep any more. But I also can't resist buying them. I mean, someone has to save all the vintage from those dark closets and attics. Someone has to bring these marvelous handbags back to life, right?

These are recent estate finds, and it is really hard to let them go, but it will be good karma to share the wealth.....right?

And so, it is my sworn duty to offer you this incredible 50's faux leopard fur purse. It's a beauty and it's huge!

Or how about this deliciously sweet box purse, in a unique oval shape, also from the 50's.

But wait! How can you resist this pearlized pink teardrop shaped bag from the 1960's????

Or this unusual green alligator bag from the 50's?

Do you see my dilemma? They're like potato chips! If I keep one, I have to keep them all. Please help me! Purchase these poor lonely purses and give them a good home! You'll be so glad you did when strangers on the street ask, "WHERE did you get that bag?"

See these purses and more at Couture Allure Vintage Fashion .

Saturday, May 12, 2007

More from Maybelle!

Several months ago, we featured some of the hats from the Maybelle Farrell collection in our blog. Maybelle had such flair when it came to hats.

We've recently pulled another load of vintage hats from storage and there are several more from Maybelle's closet in the selection. Those of you who follow the fashion runways know that hats were featured prominently in several designer collections for Fall 2007. We think hats are the next big trend, but more on that later......

See these hats and more at Couture Allure Vintage Fashion .

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Another Alix dress

In a serendipitous juxtapostion of two recent posts, today I listed this gorgeous vintage 1960's dress in my EBay store. It's another beauty by Alix of Miami. Didn't I tell you all their dresses are incredibly sexy? This one is fashioned from off-white lace over matching taffeta and the whole thing is covered with swirls of irridescent sequins. And doesn't it bring Marilyn to mind?

See this dress and more at Couture Allure Vintage Fashion .

For those of you who may have wondered why I haven't posted in awhile, I just got back from sitting under that palm tree on the far left on a beach in Jamaica. It was a much needed break from our long, cold Boston winter. The weather was perfect, the water warm, and the beach uncrowded. But now I'm back, I'm rested, and I'm ready to get back to work! I'm adding new vintage daily! Come check us out!