Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Playing with Princess Seams

In the mid 1960's, when the simple shift dress became popular, designers began experimenting with seams to add some visual interest to what could be a pretty basic style. This 1960's coat is by a company named Irvama-Carmel. I don't know who the designer was, but I love the ingenious use of the S curve in the front Princess seams.

The seam starts at the neckline under the collar, and curves out over the bust, back in above the waist, and then out to the side seam. That seam incorporates the bust shaping and also provides placement for the faux pocket flaps. Why use a straight dart when you can do something so much more pleasing to the eye?

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Thursday, June 21, 2007

Vintage Coats II

As promised, here are more vintage coats from our 2007 collection, now available in our store.

1960's Mohair Boucle Coat with Mink Trim

1950's Karakul Coat with Mink Trim

1950's Navy Cashmere Swing Jacket

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Wednesday, June 20, 2007

When's the Best Time to Buy a Vintage Coat?

NOW! We're listing our 2007 collection of vintage coats this week, and we've got some beauties for you! Shop early for the best selection. We're usually sold out early!

1970's Rust Wool Coat with Mink Collar

1960's Mohair Plaid Clutch Coat

1940's Purple Velvet Beaded Evening Coat

1950's Baby Blue Clutch Coat

More tomorrow!

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Friday, June 15, 2007

Purple Shoes!

Where were these shoes when I was in 8th grade? In 1967, these chunky heeled shoes were all the rage. We wore them with our neon colored mini dresses and bright tights. I would have died and gone to heaven if I could have had purple shoes!

I had the perfect hot pink dress that just cried out for these shoes. I would have worn them with matching pink tights, or maybe yellow ones..... Leave it to me to find the perfect shoes 40 years too late! Of course, I no longer wear a size 5 1/2 shoe, nor do I wear mini skirts, but purple is still my favorite color. I know you understand.

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1940's Chenille Robe

Cozy, comfy, snug, and secure - that's how I feel when I wear a vintage chenille robe. Made from soft cotton, chenille was first popular for bedspreads. And a robe like this gets better each time you wash it.

But how can you be sure its vintage? Well, this one comes with the original cotton filled shoulder pads. You can't get more Joan Crawford than that! And, it's new, old stock, with the original tags still attached!

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Friday, June 01, 2007

Vintage Marimekko Knits

I've always loved the distinctive look of Finnish company Marimekko's bold patterns. What I didn't realize was that this company has been designing their clothing line since the 1950's. Did you know Jackie Kennedy wore Marimekko? Recently, I was lucky enough to purchase two rare vintage 1980's wool sweater dresses from a local estate. Both dresses were designed by Marja Suna about 1984. Suna joined Marimekko in 1979 and was hired to work on the company's knitwear. It was Suna's job to make the knitwear collections consistent with the distinctive Marimekko look and she achieved this with patterned sweater knits.

Both dresses feature an oversized cut with deep dolman sleeves. Soft and cuddly, they look great belted or not.

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