Monday, August 11, 2008

1958 Teena Paige Dress

Here is another ad from the October 1958 issue of Seventeen magazine. This dress is by the Teena Paige company, a New York manufacturer of dresses for teens. The description of the dress states, "Bouson Sheath...contrasting printed "tie-silk" cotton sateen bow and matching belt. In sagproof 100% wool jersey by Lebanon. In camel, turquoise, and coral." Included in the ad is a coupon to order the dress from Best's Apparel in Seattle, WA for $14.95. Using a cost calculator, this dress would be $111.50 today, so this was not an inexpensive piece of clothing.

I like the touch of the belt matching the ascot tie. So often, the belts are missing when I find vintage dresses from this era, but I really think this printed belt "makes" the dress. The blouson bodice probably has a straight underbodice or lining so the blouson holds its shape. The model has a short, curled hairstyle and is wearing short white gloves and gold bangle bracelets pushed up to the elbow. She is definitely wearing a girdle for that smooth look around the hip area, and the dress has either been tightly clipped around the knees or the photo was airbrushed before publication!

"Sagproof wool jersey"....I wonder how they did that before the invention of spandex or lycra? After all, no one likes a saggy butt on their dress after they've been sitting in it!