Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Another 1958 Teena Paige Dress

3 pages away from the ad I posted yesterday, there is a second Teena Paige dress ad, this one for The White House in San Francisco. The ad copy states, "Basketweave textured 100% wool Blouson Sheath with face framing collar. Novelty pin accents tab. In red, royal, copper. $17.95" That's $134.00 today.

This is another dress that I would have dated as early 60's if I came across it today. I associate that rolled collar with the 60's, but I've learned something! The dress bodice has little faux pocket flaps below the bustline. The one shown has a gold Maltese cross pin, which came with the dress. The model is wearing short white gloves and a bronze wide bangle bracelet with matching earrings.

There is a coupon attached to order the dress which states, "Please add 40 cents for postage and handling." That works out to $2.98 in today's dollar. Wake up call to the USPS!!!!! Today, it would cost us $10-$15 to have this dress shipped from California. Jeez.