Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Guessing Game

And now, on to some lighter fare!

Ah, yes, a delightful intimate supper party for you and your best friend along with your husbands at a charming villa in Rome. You don your best party dresses and jewels, put your hair up, and require the men to wear tuxedos. You prepare to sit on the sofa that matches the wallpaper that matches the drapes. You try to avoid noticing the ugly chandelier. So refined. So elegant. So chi-chi.

What is being sold in this advertisement? Click on the photo for a larger view. I'll post the answer for all after someone guesses correctly!

While you're guessing, don't forget to sign up for my latest giveaway, a copy of the book "American Dress Pattern Catalogs, 1873-1909". Just two more days until I draw a winner! Sign up here.

You guys are good! The ad was for Lenox China. I love this image. Does anyone buy fine china anymore? We use Fiesta pottery at my house.


Matilda said...

Jody, Now those of us who love to take our vintage out would love this dinner? Is it the plates?

Most excited by your game since similar "games" are among those educators at my work - a drama-based education nonprofit for youth (Blue Apple Players). Our talented educators have developed a curriculum using Tableaux Vivants - an art form that goes back to the 15th C. Part of the curriculum has kids looking at "tableaux" used in advertising today... what are they selling, what is the message. We use this curriculum to help kids tell their own stories, express their own thoughts. It also helps build literacy skills since they explore in a different learning style - story structure, characters, plot, setting, costumes, etc. Almost all the youth in our programs are at risk and bring some challenging experiences. I will try to attach some samples of their "tableaux". Perhaps easier in a separate email. Stay warm. Tilda

puddin said...

Iwill guess an ad for a travel agency.
Nice picture.

fuzzylizzie said...


Erica said...

I'm going with plateware.

Lauriana said...

Well, I'd almost say 'fabric', but since that's so present in the picture, I guess that isn't it. Ehm... jewelry?

Gladys said...

I so would love to do a dinner party like this but all I have is Chinette. :)

I do have a lovely set of China that I use every day because if you don't you will never use it. :)

Besides that I'm worth it and so are you.

Shrinky Inky said...

I don't buy it anymore, but I do use my Wedgwood Black Colonnade set often. Gold Colonnade was selected by Edith Roosevelt for Theodore Roosevelt's term in the White House, which is where I first saw it as a very young girl and fell in love with the pattern. I also covet my Mother's beautiful Noritake set.

Helene said...

I'll go one step further and ask how many people actually 'entertain' any more? My mom had at least three sets of china just for entertaining: The really good stuff for when she also brought out the white table cloths and napkins and took out the silver; the white and green china for less formal occasions (which always seemed to be spring or early fall for some reason)and which were used with a coordinating spring green table cloth and napkins, and frankly, a huge set of Correlware which was used when she was doing really big house parties with a buffet, which were used with all the multicolored napkins she could find in the drawers of the breakfront. When I was young (ahem, in the 1950s-1970s), she and my father used to entertain probably on a monthly basis except in the depths of winter, when she used to only have people in for Burns' Night and August, when we went to the beach for two weeks so my father could get his yearly fishing in. The only reason they did not entertain more often was that all of their friends used to entertain as well, so they were out either Friday or Saturday night every single week. It was a very big thing for this group (who were all sort of the same age, basically)to be entertaining and smart at that time. Everyone did a lot of work to serve great food (and foreign also if they could do the Julia Child thing), cocktails, etc. etc. They had friends who also were very musical; it was very common for people to show up at someone's house, commandeer the piano and play music which people either just listened to, or danced to or whatever. It's a lifestyle that is loooong gone.

Lesley Ann said...

I am always looking in the china department when I go to department stores. I love looking at the settings and patterns.

lucitebox said...

I use 50s Salem North Star china. It's on its way to storage as soon as I find something I like more. I've had North Star for decades. I'm bored.

I would love to have Eva Zeisel or Russell Wright dinnerware, but I'm not holding my breath for that to happen. ($yikes$.)

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