Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Iris Apfel - The Clothes

I had several emails with questions about who designed the various garments in the Iris Apfel exhibit photos from yesterday. As a follow-up, here are the details about the clothes for you. Apfel is lucky enough to wear a sample size, and many of her haute couture garments were bought at sample sales and at fashion treasure shops like the original Loehman's in Brooklyn. She also shops flea markets and vintage stores around the world, where she finds much of her jewelry and accessories. Click the photos for larger views.

Jacket - Oscar de la Renta c. 2000 - Patchwork of silk faille, silk damask, and cotton velvet with silk and gold metal embroidery
Necklaces - Angela Caputi c. 2001 - Acrylic and metal
Boots - Kenzo c. 1990 - Taupe suede

Tunic - Gianfranco Ferré c. 1994 - Brown nutria and wool knit
Pants - Unknown c. 1990s - Brown and grey wool tweed with self-fabric crochet cuffs.
Necklaces - European c. late 1970s - Baltic amber and silver
Bracelets - All 20th century - Wood, amber, and acrylic
Ring - European c. 1990 - Baltic amber and wood

Coat - Flea market find - antique British paisley wool shawls
Carrying Case - Tibetan c. late 19th century - Silver, copper, amber, coral, and turquoise
Purse - French c. late 19th century - Paisley wool shawl and hammered silver amalgam
Brooch - Turkish c. early 20th century - Converted metal belt buckle with turquoise and amber glass
Necklaces - American flea market finds, 2003 - Mahogany beads
Boots - Designed by Iris Apfel, made by Canfora c. 1970s - Antique paisley wool shawls and leather

Coat - Emanuel Ungaro c. 2000 - Ombré pink and light pink striped clipped rabbit fur, unlined.
Pants - Emanuel Ungaro c. 1999 - Dark pink velvet with resist-printed light pink polka dots.
Brooch - American c. 1983 - Pink acrylic and blue rhinestones
Shoes - Kate Spade c. 2002 - Pink silk satin

Poncho - Italian, 1980s - Red Persian lamb and rabbit fur pile with brown leather lining
Pants - Christian Dior Haute Couture c. 2002 - ivory cotton twill with wolf fur trim
Belt - Unknown tribal piece, mid 20th century - red cotton velvet with applied shells

Brooch - Iradj Moini c. 1990 - Pink, blue, and green glass with rhinestones and metal.

Jacket - Lanvin Haute Couture c. 1989
Jewelry and Belt - All pieces are silver and turquoise by Indigenous Americans (Navajo and Pueblo peoples) dating from the 1940s - 1970s.

Evening coat - Koos van den Akker, 1983 - Crushed black cotton velvet with multicolored metallic appliques and gilt braid trim.
Mask - Venetian, late 20th century

Evening Coat - Antonio del Castillo Haute Couture c. 1961 - Gold lamé ribbon applique on gold Mylar with paillettes, beads, and rhinestones
Necklaces - Tibetan c. early 20th century - Amber, turquoise, and silver
Bracelets - Unknown c. 1950s - 1970s - Topaz, glass, metal, green glass, topaz rhinestones, gilt metal
Cuff Bracelet - Thierry Mugler c. 1990 - Gilt metal and topaz rhinestones
Gloves - American c. 2000 - Gilt Lycra
Booted trousers - Anne Klein c. mid 1980s - Green stretch panné velvet and gold metallic leather.


Jeanne said...

Amazing...I love them all. Your blog is exceptional. Post on!!
Jeanne :)

Sheila said...

So lovely just to see them all again!

I was lucky enough to find a Gianfranco Ferre skirt in a thrift store in Vancouver last year (I very carefully checked the tag after your post!). I believe it was about $14 on sale.

The Cupcake Goddess said...

Oh my goodness! I love that brooch and the pajama set is to die for. Though it would probably be more along the lines of a lounge set, for who would to sleep in them for fear of ruining them. Gorgeous inspiration!

lori said...

Those outfits are just mesmerizing. Custom made boots out of Pashmina shawls and leather - wow, Wow. Wow.

lucitebox said...

It'd be enough just to dig through her closet, but imagine seeing that jewelry stash in one place?!

When I watched the video, I thought,"Where did she get that gigantic silver link chain?" It is massive. And amazing.

It seems to me that petite women might think they'd be overwhelmed by big oversize statement jewelry. It's all in the attitude, isn't it?!Don't get me started on her glasses, either. Bravo, Iris!

Gladys said...

breathtaking all of them.

You are so filled with information. I was looking through a Harpers Bazzar the other day and said "Oh I saw something like this on Couture Allure" my girls said who? So I sent them here. I hope they learn as much as I have.

Couture Allure Vintage Fashion said...

Thanks, Gladys! The more the merrier!

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