Monday, April 19, 2010

Emilio Pucci Silk Jumpsuit - 1965

Told you you'd be surprised! This silk jumpsuit was designed by Emilio Pucci in 1965. While Pucci was famous for his prints, he also designed clothing in solid colors.

This pink silk evening gown with lace-hemmed pants and matching shoes was from Pucci's 1964 line.

Emilio Pucci, the Marchese di Barsento was born in Naples, Italy in 1914 to one of Italy's oldest noble families. After bouncing around to several colleges in Italy and the U.S., he was awarded his doctorate in political science in 1938. He served in the Italian Air Force during WWII, and was a staunch supporter of Mussolini's Fascist regime.

Pucci got his start in fashion when a skiing outfit he had designed for a friend in stretch knit fabric was noticed by Harper's Bazaar photographer Toni Frizell. The magazine featured several of Pucci's ski designs in the winter of 1948, and they were an instant sensation. He then left the Air Force and opened his own boutique in Capri.

Pucci started with a line of swimwear using stretch fabrics in 1949, but soon moved on to boldly printed silk scarves which would lead to the iconic signed patterns he is known for.

In the 1950s, Stanley Marcus of Neiman Marcus encouraged Pucci to produce those same patterns on silk blouses that were paired with pants in solid colors. The set shown above is in the collection of the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York.

Marilyn Monroe often wore Pucci, and was even buried in her favorite chartreuse green silk jersey dress that was designed by Emilio.

Although his designs in solid colors are outstanding, Pucci will always be known for his use of wild prints. The hooded cape above is from 1965.

These dresses and hats were from the 1968 line. This is Pucci with two of the models from the show.

As for the turquoise jumpsuit I showed you on Friday? I like to imagine it was meant to be worn with these Pucci gold harem shoes from 1965, also in the collection of the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

This late 1960s silk jersey sundress by Pucci comes with a matching jacket and is currently available for purchase at Couture Allure.

For more fun, enjoy this video that features clothing and accessories by Emilio Pucci!