Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Wearing Animal Prints

Cole swimsuits, 1954

As a fashion trend, animal prints come and go. Truly, though, animal prints are classics and will always be in style. A woman wearing an animal print projects confidence and allure. But you want to do it right. Here are a few Dos and Don'ts for wearing animal prints.

Pierre Balmain sequin evening gown, 1953

- Do keep it simple. A garment with simple, sleek lines works best in a busy animal print.
- Don't overdo it. Choose one piece in an animal print over an entire outfit.

Sybilla pants, 1992

- Do pair animal prints with neutrals like black, brown, tan, or gray.
- Don't choose animal prints in bright colors. Keep to the natural tones of the animal.

Givenchy silk evening gown, 1981

- Do keep your accessories simple. Let the print speak on it's own.
- Don't wear an animal print in an area you don't want to call attention to. Animal prints grab the eye, so wear them with discretion.


Gladys said...

First let me say those bathing suits are too die for. Second I love animal prints but always feel like a baffoon wearing them. I am 5'1" and about 100 pounds but I feel like I'm two ton Tilly when I wear them. What am I doing wrong? I have tried a leopard coat over all black and I still feel like I'm overwhelming. I had a zebra blouse and felt like my boobs were screaming "LOOK AT ME". Maybe I should stick to animal print scarves, they don't make my neck look too big.

Couture Allure Vintage Fashion said...

Gladys, I understand your pain. Have you tried a small-scale animal print instead of a life sized one? I have a leopard sweater that I love. I normally wouldn't wear an animal print across my boobs either, but this print is much tinier than it would be in nature and it works for me. I would also try taking baby steps with accessories first. I wear my leopard print flats with all black, and they look great. An animal print scarf, belt, or purse is a great way to start small!

puddin said...

Used to love wild prints until I reached age that wrinkles looked too evident wearing them.
And I love the real leapord skin muff and hat on your accessories site.

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