Monday, April 12, 2010

Welcoming Summer in Style


Ah, the heat of summer. Life is languid, sultry, and hot. You can look hot too. There's no need to resort to shorts and a tank top. Take your cue from these lovely ladies and wear a dress that's a bit bare in all the right places. Choose a natural fiber like cotton, linen, or rayon that will breathe and help to keep you cool. Add an accessory like a shawl or wide brimmed hat to protect you from direct sunlight. Don't forget the sunscreen! Ah, that's better.






Louise said...

You are going into summer and I am leaving it. It makes me so sad. There is definitely a chill in the air now.
Love that last dress by the way. Do you know what the designer was?

Gladys said...

Love the 1950 dress. I so want a Hattie Carnagie (sp?) Hawaiian print dress from the 50's.

FairyFiligree said...

Wow - such beautiful dresses. I like them all, even though the first one looks faintly like something we wore in the mid eighties doesn't it?

Catwalk Creative Vintage said...

A gorgeous selection of summer frocks. Love the backless dress dating 1950's.

Dizzy Dame said...

beautiful dresses!!

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