Monday, May 17, 2010

Awful 80s Fashion #7

Today, another in our series on Awful 80s Fashion! Are you too thin, too toned, too tiny? Here's how to add pounds instantly!

Wear a dress cut from big squares of fabric and add horizontal stripes across your hips!

Wear a waist length chunky knit sweater and add puff sleeves for even more width!

Take a big bold print with horizontal stripes and zig-zags, add pleats and huge shoulder pads!

Wear a pastel skirt with lots of pleats and three times as much fabric as you need. Add a sweater vest that blousons at the waist!

Wear a big, bold plaid with gathers at your hips. Add an oversized sailor collar and a bow for that cutesy, innocent look!

Wear colored ankle socks with white shoes. Add a sweater vest that two of you could fit into.

All photos from a 1985 Neiman Marcus catalog. Yes, Neiman Marcus!


Susannah said...

The fashion is awful, but I approve of the message. "Women! Take up as much space as you want! Be big, be bold, be bright!" Which is a lot nicer than the waif look that succeeded it.

Tonia of Chic Modern Vintage said...

I wore some of these in the 80s, and loved them.

Louise said...

I remember my Mum wearing some outfits like this. Part of me looks back fondly at a time when women didn't dress to show as much flesh as possible.
The other part of me is mortally offended by their sheer wrongness.
There is some good 80s stuff, but the large percentage was bad bad bad.

Laura said...

Hi Jody, I've posted the interview on my blog! Thanks again!


aurelia said...

I graduated high school in 1989 and it took until halfway through the 90s before I realized that the oversized thing was an 80s fashion, not the way clothes were supposed to fit.

I lost 20 pounds instantly when I started wearing clothes with less design ease.

Betty Boo said...

Yes I hated 80's fashion who said the "box' look was flattering was a screwpot.

lori said...

Those models all look like refugees from those patriarchal compounds in Arizona and Texas. Wow.

Belle de Ville said...

Oh come's bad enough that I have to look back at pictures of myself from the 1980s. Please don't show us any more of these.

Anonymous said...

The model in picture 4 and 6 looks like Brook Shields.

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