Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Luis Estevez - 1960, Part 2

Yesterday, we looked at part 1 of this 1960s multi-page spread of fashions by Luis Estevez photographed in Mexico. Today, the rest of those captivating images featuring cocktail dresses.

At the Paseo de la Reforma, the model wears Estevez' belted butterfly tunic dress in white lace. Sold for $125.00 in 1960 (about $928.00 in today's dollar).

At the Castillo de Chapultepec in Mexico City, the model wears a full skirted dress with a molded bodice in black silk satin-faced organza with embroidery and scalloped edges. Sold for $110.00 in 1960 (about $809.00 in today's dollar).

On the steps of the Basilica de Guadalupe, Estevez black silk chiffon dress with draped hip sash. Sold for $90.00 in 1960 (about $668.00 in today's dollar).

At the National University of Mexico, a black Taj silk cocktail sheath with a side-slashed neckline. Sold for $65.00 in 1960 (about $478.00 in today's dollar). This is my favorite of all the dresses shown over the past two days. Luis Estevez was a genius at designing unusual necklines. In fact, he became known as the "Neckline King" in the trade.

To learn more about Luis Estevez, visit David Patrick Columbia's New York Social Diary post about Estevez, which includes a reprint of a biographical article from Santa Barbara magazine and lots more photos of gorgeous Estevez dresses.

All photos by William Ward for a multi-page advertisement that appeared in Harper's Bazaar, 1960.


Tonia of Chic Modern Vintage said...

It's amazing the prices and how much a dress cost today.

Deja Pseu said...

Oh my, those are fabulous, and really evoke the image of "glamour" that has stayed with me since childhood.

I've learned so much about fashion from you!

Sheila said...

Oh my gosh, I am in love with those dresses. Amazing.

Kirsten said...

Excellent research and photography! My choice would be the "black Taj silk cocktail sheath". I Love it! I love your blog! Keep up the beautiful work.. Have a nice day!
Love Kirsten

Belle de Ville said...

Like with Pseu's comment, these photos evoke what I knew as true glamour as a child. That black slit sheath is so great.
Also, thank you for showing us how much these dresses cost in todays dollars.

California Girl said...

Perfect LBDs. Now I want to know more about Estevez.

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