Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Paris Couturier Simone Gray

Mme. Simone Gray wearing one of her creations, 1928.
The evening dress is of blue lamé with gold and silver flowers.

I came across this image in an old magazine recently, and I immediately fell in love with Simone Gray. Who was she? I needed to know. Unfortunately, there is very little information about her that survives today, but I have been able to glean little tidbits here and there for you.

Simone wears her design in black satin and point d'esprit lace
adorned with white jacinth flowers, 1928.

Simone Gray, born in 1903, was a Parisian couturier from 1928 to 1933. Her couture house was listed alongside other notables, such as Jeanne Lanvin, Louiseboulanger, Lucien Lelong, Jean Patou, and Worth. Her atelier was located at 11, rue de Christophe Colomb in Paris.

From 1928, Simone Gray's "Watteau" dress in black velvet, lined in pink satin with rhinestone trim.

Each year, Simone Gray would attend the Deux Lidos gala wearing one of her most beautiful designs of the season. This gala was organized by the French fashion magazine L'Officiel de la Couture and the Hotel Lido, and would feature fashion shows of the latest couture during the party. Women who attended the gala would vie to be the most beautifully dressed.

Three robes de style, 1929 by Simone Gray.

Simone was described as a young woman who had wonderful taste and a thorough knowledge of the difficult art of dressing women. She had a deep respect for the line of a garment and would not sacrifice the overall effect.

Mme. Simone Gray wears her design of embroidered
cotton lawn accented with green moire, 1930.

The last mention of Simone Gray's couture house is found in the summer of 1933, where she is listed alongside such up-and-coming couturiers as Chanel, Schiaparelli, and Vionnet. Unfortunately, I can find no other information about her, but don't her designs make her fascinating? If anyone ever finds a dress by Simone Gray, please contact me through my website!

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Photos by d'Ora, Paris.