Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Summer Dresses - 1927

Now that summer has officially arrived, how about a look at summer dresses through the decades this week and next? Time to pull out some of my really old magazines for this series! Here, dresses for the heat of summer from 1927. It is interesting to note that daytime dresses had long sleeves. Sleeveless styles were only worn for evening.

Silk chiffon dress by Agnes.

Black crepe de chine dress by Jenny.

Brown and yellow striped crepe de chine dress by Suzanne Talbot.

Lace outer dress floats over a silk slip. Ensemble by Martial et Armand.

Pink georgette dress by Bernard et Cie.

All photos by D'Ora, Paris.


Nancy said...

Oh wow! Love those! The Lace dress with the under-slip has got to be my favorite. Good bit of info in this post. I didn't realize that short sleeves were just for evenings. Nifty.

Cat and Mouse Vintage said...

Howww fabulous were the 20's?! Sheesh.

MandG said...

Wow! Stunning and fun!

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