Monday, July 19, 2010

Awful 80s Fashion #8

It's been two months since my last Awful 80's post. How time flies! Today, Awful 80s fashion for the man in your life.

"Honey, what's for dinner?" "Oh, I don't about salmon?"

"Maybe if I lean up against my expensive car, they won't notice my pants."

Preppy checklist. Plaid jacket with green lining, check. Pink shirt, check. Green pants, check. Pink belt and pocket square, check. Wire rimmed glasses, check. Bow tie, check. Want to bet he's wearing pink Docksiders with no socks?????

Model: Take the picture quick before anyone sees me in this thing.

"I know, honey! Let's be twins today!"

He's big and bold, alright.

"What's the matter? What?????"


Miss Rayne said...

these would not be out of place at this years golf tournaments

puddin said...

Styles were very colorful, trying to redo the hippies in a completely different way, it seems!
And then think how the "hog" motorcycles became popular with the executives! You do such a fun job of having us remember!


oh boy, but its funny am 25 years old, and these style come and go all the time, just not all together

Xtabay Vintage said...

Oh my God! I actually kind of love these looks! I wish my fiance would dress like this sometimes. Men's fashion is so boring these days. Thanks for posting these hilarious pictures!

Gladys said...

Oh MY GAWD where did you find those pictures of my old Attorney? I swear that was him in his younger days because he still wears that crap.

Erin said...

I just read through all of your Awful '80s posts. Classic. I wonder if you might do a post trying to explain what the hell happened in the '80s. Where did designers go wrong? How was the clothes-buying public duped into wearing these things? Does the current resurgence of '80s fashion concern you? I'd be really interested to get your take on the whole fiasco.

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