Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Jonathan Logan Dresses - 1955

I've talked about my love of Jonathan Logan dresses in the past. While perusing an August issue of a 1955 fashion magazine geared toward younger women, I found page after page of ads for Jonathan Logan dresses. Each ad was paired with a regional department store, like Goldsmiths, Best Apparel, and Woodward & Lothrop, and included a coupon for ordering the dress. That way, the manufacturer and the department store shared the cost of the ad, and Jonathan Logan dresses got a lot of notice. Smart man, that David Schwartz.

The "Starlight" sleeveless dress came with a matching bolero jacket in blue, pink, or purple faille. Sold for $19.95 in 1955 (about $164 in today's dollar).

Soft corduroy full skirted dress came with a removable dickey at the neckline so the dress could go from day to date with ease. Sold for $14.95 in 1955 (about $123 in today's dollar).

Velveteen dreams in full skirted or slim silhouettes. Full skirt dress came in blue, purple, or black. Slim dress came in purple, red, or black. Sold for $22.95 and $14.95 in 1955 (about $189 and $123 in today's dollar).

Mix-and-match separates that were dyed to match. Wool flannel skirts were matched with a wool jersey top or a cotton puff sleeved blouse. All 4 pieces came in blue, red, or green. Prices ranged from $3.98 to $8.98 in 1955 (about $33 to $74 in today's dollar).

Black wool flannel fashions a polo collar dress with elastic waist or a sleeveless dress that could be worn with a blouse for daytime. Sold for $17.98 and $19.98 in 1955 (about $148 and $164 in today's dollar).

Nubby wool tweed full skirted dress is accented with soft angora at the collar and cuffs. Available in lilac, royal, or gray. Sold for $25.00 in 1955 (about $205 in today's dollar).

Wool check slim cut dress came with a matching boxy jacket in brown, gray, or turquoise. Set sold for $25.00 in 1955 (about $205 in today's dollar).

Mix-and match-separates in corduroy with a black wool jersey blouse. The separate pieces included a full skirt, slim skirt, boxy jacket, and pants. Prices ranged from $5.98 to $8.98 in 1955 (about $50 to $74 in today's dollar).

Don't you love Jonathan Logan too?

All photos from advertisements in a 1955 magazine.


Deborah Pipes said...

FABulous dresses and worth every penny! Amazing resemblance to Aubrey H. in one photo, hmmmm?

Erin said...

Those are great styles, but they all look like they'd be SO HOT to wear. Maybe it's the thought of corduroy and wool in July, but I think I would sweat to death in them in the middle of winter!

puddin said...

And why is 1955 a "ringer" year??

casey said...

So gorgeous! I really love the dyed to match separates--especially the puff sleeve blouse!

Thanks for sharing these--and the equivalent modern price. I find it so interesting and puts things in perspective--I'm not sure I'd be able to afford some of these pretty dresses back then either! ;) lol.

♥ Casey
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Mary Jo said...

These are just gorgeous. I love all the wardrobe-stretching features. That kind of pragmatic versatility makes it possible to approach apparel as an investment.

Kate said...

I actually just bought a Johnathan Logan dress at an antique store. I can't wait until the weather gets cold enough to wear it!


Anonymous said...

I owned a couple Johnathan logan dresses...when I was in High school(.Late 1950's..).wished I had saved them!!! ......I remember...Molly BEE (the teen singer then)...on the Tenn Ernie Ford TV show..wore a different Johnathan Logan dress... everyday on the show when she sang) The dresses were darling!

Couture Allure Vintage Fashion said...

That's a cool tidbit of information. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

I just bought a Jonathan Logan Dress and matching jacket at a second hand store for $20. I didn't know the label, or the value! I just thought it was cool.

Anonymous said...

I remember Jonathan Logan dresses very well...though I never owned one! My older sister, in the late 60s, had a fabulous JL dress and oh!how I coveted that dress. Back in the 60s and 70s, that label really meant something. They were beautifully made and so stylish. I was delighted to find this blog; I had no idea people remembered Jonathan Logan so fondly as I did.

Nora said...

Thank you for the info! I just purchased a Jonathan Logan dress and did a bit of research on the label and arrived here! glad to find that it's of good quality and from a good maker!

Nora Finds

Anonymous said...

My graduation Dress in 1966 was a Jonathan Logan - white sheath ..I felt so glamorous and being from a "poor" family - I had earned it working part time jobs....so it meant even more to me.

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