Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Baby Doll Looks of 1968

In the late 1960s, the baby doll look was hugely popular in fashion. Inspired by dresses worn by little girls, designers showed short hemlines, high waists, lots of lace, Peter Pan collars, and puffed sleeves. Words like innocent, girly, and childlike were used to describe these fashions. All the looks shown here are from 1968.

Above, actress Katharine Ross models a pale blue eyelet and dotted Swiss dress by Gregory that came with matching bloomers. These dresses were often so short, women wore bloomers underneath to avoid showing off too much! Set sold for $58 in 1968 (about $366 in today's dollar).

A tiny textured cotton dress by Dorothy Cox for Tanner is worn with knee socks and Mary Jane shoes. Sold for $60 in 1968 (about $379 in today's dollar). Sunglasses by Tropic-Cal.

Lace was used in abundance, as seen here in this dress by Carlye. Sold for $90 in 1968 (about $568 in today's dollar).

Katharine Ross again, wearing a stripe dirndl jumer over a white pique blouse/romper with bloomers. By Gregory. Set sold for $58 in 1968 (about $278 in today's dollar).

Hair was worn pulled back with ringlets around the face. Make-up was young looking with pale colors and doe-eyes.

Mary Jane and T-strap shoes, another little girl style, were hugely popular as were lacy and pale stockings and knee socks.

Even high end designers like Anne Fogarty were influenced by the baby doll look. Here, her take made with rows and rows of lace in short or long lengths. Both dresses were available in black, white, or champagne and came with a nude colored slip. Sold for $110 for the short length and $140 for the long in 1968 (about $694 and $884 in today's dollar).