Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Capes and Ponchos - 1974

Swing Low blanket poncho sold for $40 in 1974 (about $178 in today's dollar).

In the early 70s, we all wore ponchos and capes, and we were very cool. The poncho was adopted by designers from the street looks of the hippies, who would take a blanket and cut a hole in the center to slip over their head, so they could stay warm without bowing to the establishment by wearing a coat.

Pendleton Knockabouts poncho sold for $28 in 1974 (about $125 in today's dollar).

In the fall of 1974, capes and ponchos were available everywhere and were worn wherever you went, from a walk in the woods to a night at the disco. Mine was brown plaid wool with a hood and a zipper up the front. I wore it every day. I think my mom might still have it. What did yours look like?

Pierre Cardin presents a wonderful mix of gray and white plaid wools
with a huge cape over a sweater and skirt.

Miss Dior sequined cape over a black satin skirt with a thigh high slit - perfect for the disco.

The cape goes high-end in Saga mink by Christian Dior
worn over a suede suit trimmed in the same mink.


FairyFiligree said...

I used to have a buttercup yellow crotchet poncho with two large pompoms. I vaguely remember having another one, but can't for the life of me remember what it was like. But that yellow one, I wore for a long time. I was only a kid....

Lee Ohio Designs said...

love it! did you see... they're back:

Sheila said...

My mom crocheted me two ponchos in the early 70s: one was yellow and blue (and I had the matching tam!), and the other was pink and white. I remember that they were scratchy!

I have a vintage chartreuse green velvet and black satin cape.

puddin said...

I still wear them!!! Warm, easy to throw off.

Gladys said...

Jody you just killed me dead. D*E*A*D! My epitath is going to read Here Lies Gladys dead from lusting after the Dior Saga Mink Cape worn over the sued suite posted by Jody on Courture Allure on August 24, 2010. May she rest in peace even though she never got to even sniff the cape.

Matilda said...

I'm with Gladys, now that's a poncho! In my dreams! Tilda

Jenifir said...

In about 1972, my Mum made me a navy blue cape with red lining and three brass buttons at the neck to hold it closed. I wore it with a white vinyl newsboy cap and most likely black patent double t-strapped shoes or maybe my red rain boots. I think that I wanted go-go boots but at only four years old my vote was not as strong as my Mum's. I do remember wearing a hand-me-down crotchet poncho(my Mum knitted but did not crotchet) and possibly before 1972, I also had one in aqua velour with white fringe and hood that I think my Mum made with a Kwick Sew pattern. I seem to remember velour shorts-length zippered jumpsuits maybe from the pattern. Maybe I was not as elegantly turned out as the Dior model but I was definitely in style!

Monique said...

Gladys, you're hilarious!

Wonderful! Capes and brogues are so in now. Love them. Still remember the one my Mum knitted for me which was worn inside out. Delightful. Monique xx

Anonymous said...

I lived in a wool Pendleton Knockabouts tartan poncho. I wore it for long walks, horseback riding, bike rides, to school, everywhere. I remember that it zipped in the front, had a hood, fringe, and was red/green/violet. Loved it. Want one.

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