Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Fashion Inspired by the Movies - Brigadoon

In September of 1954, the movie Brigadoon was released. Based on the Broadway play of the same name, the film starred Gene Kelly and Cyd Charisse, the magical dancing duo that had starred in Singin' in the Rain two years previous. Irene Sharaff designed the costumes for Brigadoon and her worked earned her an Oscar nomination.

Fashion trends inspired by movies were nothing new at the time. Dorothy Lamour's sarong in Jungle Princess from 1936 inspired a fashion classic. And in 1951, Elizabeth Taylor's white strapless dress from A Place in the Sun inspired the most popular style for proms that year.

A several page ad in August of 1954 featured "Brigadoon Fantasy Fashions" by Greta Plattry. Plattry was one of America's best known sportswear designers in the 1940s and 50s, and she was a perfect choice to design fashion based on the ethnic clothing of Scotland. Following are the rest of the ad pages with pictures by Richard Avedon.

Tweed wool jersey blouse and full skirt with embroidery at the neckline. Set sold for $36 in 1954 (about $294 in today's dollar).

Top: Pleated white cotton blouse with short wool kilt worn with matching wool shorts underneath. Ensemble sold for $56 in 1954 (about $457 in today's dollar).
Bottom: Plaid wool full skirted jumper with white cotton blouse. Ensemble sold for $52 in 1954 (about $425 in today's dollar).

Left: Red wool flannel jumper worn over white wool sweater. Ensemble sold for $48 in 1954 (about $392 in today's dollar).
Right: Red flannel jumper with the same white sweater and tasseled knee socks. Ensemble sold for $36 in 1954 (about $294 in today's dollar).

Velveteen jumper worn over a printed wool/cotton challis blouse. Ensemble sold for $60 in 1954 (about $490 in today's dollar).


Miss Rayne said...

Loved that film. I wouldn't mind wearing these film inspired clothes at all, but the film I suffered from as a child (and it still hurts) was 'Chisum', lots of long cotton frocks with frills in inappropriate places, small dolly mixture prints and lace trimming. No elegance (no makeup either) but I did have the right hair.

Gladys said...

I loved that movie and I love those clothes. I love that red jumper.

Couture Allure Vintage Fashion said...

I haven't see that movie. I guess I need to put it on my Netflix queue.

Mary Jo said...

The jumper puts me in mind of one of Katharine Hepburn's costumes in DESK SET (1957), although hers may actually be a skirt and vest. That film is a parade of one delectable outfit after another...her opening scene has her entering with a mammoth box from Bonwit's containing an exquisite party dress. And it just gets better!

Couture Allure Vintage Fashion said...

I love all of the Katharine Hepburn movies, especially those where she co-stars with Spencer Tracy!

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