Monday, November 08, 2010

George Carmel - New York Coat and Suit Company


George Carmel was the owner of one of the finest coat and suit houses in New York. Carmel was one of 4 brothers who entered the business in 1918.


George Carmel made expensive coats and suits that were considered investments in their day, as they were of the highest quality and would last for years and years.


George's sons Lawrence and Monroe both joined the firm after finishing college. They continued the old traditions while at the same time bringing a more modern sensibility to the garments the company produced.


While always attending the Paris couture shows, designers from George Carmel did not copy Paris models, but rather were inspired by the mood of the current fashions.


Diana Adler was the head designer at George Carmel. She joined the firm in the mid 1940s and worked there until the company closed.


George Carmel fell on hard times in the mid 1960s as fashion turned to less tailored and less expensive garments. The company closed in 1968.

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