Friday, November 19, 2010

Friday Charm School - Manners and Etiquette, Part 2

Last week's post about manners and etiquette rules certainly sparked some thoughtful commentary! Lets see how you feel about these accepted customs for women in the early 60s.

1. It is proper for a lady to bow her head slightly with a slight forward movement from the waist when being presented to clergymen or officials.

2. Hats are always worn in church. A hat is never worn by a hostess when entertaining at home (other than for a formal garden party). Neither are hats worn by house guests or by the daughter of the house. Hats should always be removed in a movie or theater when you are asked to.

3. Women do not smoke on the street or when waiting in line in front of a theater, store, or other building.

4. It is up to you, rather than your date, to suggest when it is time to go home or leave after dining. You should not suggest that it is time to go to another restaurant or night club, as your date may have made other plans or may not have enough money.

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5. Gloves are worn to all formal occasions, going to or from church, and in the streets of large cities and towns. They are removed before eating, drinking, smoking, playing cards, or applying make-up. It is not necessary for women to remove gloves when shaking hands during an introduction.

6. It is a woman's prerogative to offer her hand during an introduction provided the other person is being presented to her. You should not offer your hand first to an older woman, an older man, or an official. You should wait for them to make the gesture.

Are you surprised by any of these? I was!