Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Saks Holiday Catalog - 2000 The Eveningwear

As I was browsing through my magazine collection this morning looking for inspiration, I came across the Saks Fifth Avenue Holiday Preview catalog from 2000. While not technically vintage, I do think it is interesting to see what Saks and the designers were showing 10 years ago. Eveningwear was heavily skewed to separates instead of dresses or evening gowns. And this simple but elegant outfit led off the entire catalog.

Kors Michael Kors black turtleneck and double face wool magenta skirt. Set sold for $520 in 2000.

Victor Costa for Saks Couture Fashions black glitter on tulle strapless gown. Sold for $825 in 2000.

David Meister black beaded dress with chains. Sold for $350 in 2000.

St. John tuxedo completely covered in black sequins. Sold for $2385 in 2000.

Anne Klein mohair glitter sweater with beaded lace skirt. Sold for $1060 in 2000.
Victor Costa for Saks Couture Fashions burgundy velvet gown with dyed mink trim. Sold for $800 in 2000.

Oscar by Oscar de la Renta paillette sweater and silver leather skirt. Sold for $776 in 2000.


Sandy's Fancy Pants Antiques and Collectibles said...

The velvet gown is gorgeous. Shows some clothing items are timeless.

Miss Rayne said...

You could wear any of these today, except perhaps, the long jacket, and no one would know they were 10 yeas old.

Couture Allure Vintage Fashion said...

I agree Miss Rayne. I especially like the versatility of the separates.

Jen O said...

Actually, those longer jackets are looking better every day!
What stuck me with these photos was how much I liked seeing these on display figures, rather than models.

Couture Allure Vintage Fashion said...

Very interesting point Jen! I hadn't thought of that, but I completely agree with you!

Gladys said...

I love all of these but especially the white mohair and lace skirt. I purchased an evening outfit sometime late 1990's. It was a lace pant and jacket outfit. I wore it to a banquet not long ago and was told by numerous people they loved the outfit and wanted to know if I had purchased it at Nordies? I smiled to myself knowing I had actually gotten it over 10 years ago at a small boutique in a small Louisiana town. I think I paid less than $50. for the outfit. I checked, Nordies indeed have a similar outfit for 10 times as much. Go ME!

Anonymous said...

I own the Victor Costa velvet gown. It is stunning!

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