Monday, January 31, 2011

Hats for Spring - 1957

I'm feeling trapped. The snowbanks are higher than my waist, the driveway is getting narrower and narrower, and I am generally sick to death of winter. It's so cold, the inner harbor is frozen over. Someone remind me why I live in Boston?

To combat the winter blues and blahs this week, let's look at some goodies for spring so that we can start to dream of balmier weather. And for those of you living in warmer climates right now, I am officially jealous!

Today, spring hats from 1957. Just looking at hats lifts my mood. How about you?

Rose Valois forms a double bandeaux of rose petals.

Pierre Balmain wide brim straw hat.

Ruban flower petal cap with dramatic face veil.

Albouy uses metallic mesh and tops it with a rose.

Gilbert Orcel blue and white stripe silk.


puddin said...

Especially love the wide brimmed one. I hope the mail and delivery men are still able to get through your driveway!

Val said...

Beautiful. I just made myself a new fascinator yesterday, and wore a 1950s hat to church. I love hats dearly, and wish that more people wore them!

Therese Z said...

Great hats = lousy hair. And
Great hair = avoiding hats.

It's a problem. I remember my mother having weird bumps in her hair and sleeping in curlers and pincurls and hairnets, to get her hair looking less pre-formed and baked. Didn't always work.

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