Friday, April 29, 2011

American Fashion Spring 1955

As much as we like to look at and dream about Parisian haute couture, American designs were more relevant and more affordable to a 1955 woman here in the U.S.  The styles shown here were featured in an American magazine geared to the average homemaker.  Just as fashion magazines and blogs influence our choices today, a 1950s housewife would see these photos as inspiration for ways to update her wardrobe.  The big difference is that she couldn't run out to H&M or Target and grab a cheap "fashion fashion" version.  No, our 50s homemaker would probably sew her own version or save a few dollars each week for months to be able to purchase one of these designer items that she would then wear for years to come.

Above, Pauline Trigere suit with a striped silk belted jacket and narrow wool skirt.

Golden suit by Claire McCardell worn with blue shoes.

Vera Maxwell silk paisley dress and paisley lined beige silk coat.

Larry Aldrich blue tunic and skirt worn with a nude shoe.

Maurice Rentner cotton sateen floral dress.


Kathy's Red Door Welcome said...

Maybe Prince William's new bride will be just the inspiration to encourage American women to dress elegantly and we'll get those sewing machines out once again! Thanks for stopping by my Red Door!

Anonymous said...

I absolutely love the Pauline Trigere suit! It's definitely well worth saving for.

My mother often talked about preferring to purchase more expensive, quality items on layaway than buying cheaper garments that wouldn't last as long. Now that credit cards are so prevalent, retailers rarely seem to offer layaway as an option. Perhaps we need a return to that practice. --Nikki E.

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