Monday, April 04, 2011

Jantzen Swimsuits and Playwear - 1955

 In June of 1955, Jantzen joined with several advertising partners for this 5 page spread.  The Italian Line was a cruise ship line that offered trips to Europe.  Two of their ships were fully air-conditioned (we take that as a given nowadays!) and express service meant 6 days to Gibraltar from New York.  Have a month of free time?  Cruise on over to Europe the first week, spend 2 weeks on the continent, and spend the last week cruising home.  Now that's what I call a vacation.  Getting there is half the fun!

Take a look at these wonderful Pete Hawley illustrations of Jantzen swimsuits and playwear from 1955.  They sure make me want to jump on a ship!  Above:  taffeta swimsuit with criss-cross lacing at the center front and legs.  Came in red, black, and navy.  Sold in 1955 for $18.95 (about $156 in today's dollar.)  Warshfest was the maker of the Laton-powered sun taffeta fabric.

Striped cotton swimsuit with Jantzen Crinkelastic shirring.  Came in red, turquoise, and navy striped with white.   Sold in 1955 for $8.95 (about $74 in today's dollar.)

Solid swimsuit with Jantzen Crinkelpuff shirring in all nylon.  Came in red, blue, navy, and black.  Sold in 1955 for $9.95 (about $82 in today's dollar.)  Travis was the maker of the nylon fabric.

Cotton tee-shirt with a zip-front turtleneck and matching walking shorts.  Set sold in 1955 for $10.90 (about $90 in today's dollar.)  Conmar made the zippers.

Cotton gabardine sleeveless blouse and cuffed shorts.  Set sold in 1955 for $9.90 (about $82 in today's dollar.)

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