Thursday, April 07, 2011

New York Fashion - 1973

You can clearly see here the inspiration for recent runway looks by many designers.  Will you be adding 1970s inspired looks to your wardrobe?  Or will you choose to wear the originals that are now vintage?  Here, fashion out of New York, 1973. 

Oscar de la Renta silk blouse, wool pants and fluffy alpaca cardigan coat, all in pink.  Worn with a long scarf, a pink cloche hat and Herbert Levine platform shoes.

Christian Aujard cream silk trenchcoat, blouse and pants.  Sold for $220 in 1973 (about $1,695 in today's dollar.)  Check out that huge Bottega Veneta clutch purse and the fedora hat by Don Marshall.

Beverly Johnson models a green and white spiral striped acrylic sweater with white polyester pants by Giorgini.  Sold for $98 in 1973 (about $488 in today's dollar.)  Love the Charles Jourdan green and white spectator shoes!

Bill Blass Blassport cotton poplin trench coat and glen plaid pants worn with a Bottega Veneta shetland wool sweater.  Sold for $220 in 1973 (about $1,097 in today's dollar.)

Lauren Hutton wears an Oscar de la Renta vanilla wool suit with a white crepe de Chine blouse.  Sold for $445 in 1973 (about $2,218 in today's dollar.)


The Style Crone said...

Lauren Hutton and Beverly Johnson! You always have the most amazing photos. I have the 70's in my collection, so will have to take a look. I also love how you compare prices 'then and now.' I adore your blog!

those tricks said...

I'm ALL about high waisted pants.
So flattering, so lengthening, so gut covering, so sit down and get up without having to adjust waistline.

Erin said...

Love the Bill Blass!

Cerridwyn said...

I have long been a fan of '70s fashion and have some exquisite designer pieces and shoes. I also have some horrifyingly wonderful polyester outfits. For whatever reason, outlandish colour combinations and giant collars make me happy :)

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