Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Take a Vintage Scarf....

....and jazz up your fashion statement.  Today and tomorrow we'll look at images from 1969 when young women experimented with bold scarves in new and different ways.  Take a vintage scarf and wrap it, tie it, twist it, drape it, double it.  The possibilities are endless.

Long dotted scarf wrapped under a beaded necklace and thrown over one shoulder.

Fringed scarf knotted under a collar in the manner of an ascot.

Two complementary print scarves are knotted at the neckline and allowed to drape over the front of a solid tunic.

Wear a printed scarf that contrasts against your printed blouse.

Tie a printed scarf bandanna style with a plain white shirt.


déjà pseu said...

Those are quite dramatic looks, especially the larger ones. And the pattern mixing...everything old is new again.

rental mobil said...

Very nice, thanks for sharing.

Kay said...

Fabulous ideas, but where oh, where to get scarves THAT long and big (said nearly-6-foot-tall Kay)??? These are wonderful--so glad you posted these!

Natasha said...

I think that a scarf isn't only a piece of cloth, it's actually part of one’s individuality. The scarf has an important role in how a woman feels about herself, and the impression she creates with others. And I also believe that fashion conscious women deserve the very best when it comes to quality and style.

Sarah said...

I found a great site it shows how to turn your scarves into tops. Go to http://thescarfboutique.co.uk/pages/How-to-tie-a-scarf.html and look at the top one. This definitely works. I used a 90 x 90 cms scarf. Looks amazing and means all those scarves I have now turn into designer tops which no one else wears. You can also with a larger scarf double it up to wrap around the front. Looks great on its own or with a jacket and feels amazing to wear. Hope this helps

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