Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Vintage Accessories, 1954

I was asking for blog suggestions over on Facebook last week and Fearie asked to see some vintage accessories for Fall.  Today a look at handbags, gloves, shoes, belts and jewelry, all from 1954.

The handbag has straps to carry your umbrella.  That's a felt necklace at the bottom.

Paisley gloves!  Me want!

Two alligator handbags with secret pockets.  The one at top holds jewelry and the one at the bottom carries your cosmetics.

Leather bucket bags and a silk scarf.  TrĂ©s chic and timeless.
Bracelets and gloves!


Erin said...

So, hats are making a resurgence. Do you think gloves ever will? And how does someone with large hands find vintage gloves? They're all so tiny!

The Style Crone said...

Gloves are so important and I have a huge collection. I love interesting details and unusual colors.

K.Line said...

That alligator back with the cosmetics area is bizarre! How fancy.

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