Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Nelly Don Dress - 1961

The Nelly Don Company was known from the 1930s through the 70s for it's stylish, yet budget minded dresses.  This sheer cotton blend dress from 1961 came in misses and half sizes.  Made even more special with the addition of a bright pink hat, don't you think?  Sold in 1961 for $18.00 (about $136.00 in today's dollar.)


Anonymous said...

I don't have words to describe how beautiful this dress is!! Wish fashion was still perfect and practical like this *sigh*


poppykettle said...

Such a gorgeous dress/outfit. Beautiful!

Mary said...

Lovely dress.. and hat. Pretty in pink! I'm in love.

Mad Scientist said...

That hat definitely adds just the right pop of colour

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