Monday, April 09, 2012

Branell Dress and Sweater Sets - 1956

Clare Potter and Mainbocher are among the first designers credited with decorating sweaters to match dresses in their collections.  Here are two versions shown by Branell in 1956.  Branell was a high-end line of dresses, suits and coats designed in New York by Hilda Altmark.  Not inexpensive, the line was on par with other high-end labels, such as Originala, Harvey Berin and George Carmel.

The dress on the left is fashioned of pin-tucked fabric decorated with organza-filled cut-outs and beading on the skirt.  The sweater is decorated to match.  The dress on the right is lined lace with a matching lace decorated sweater.  Manufacturers would purchase sweaters from other makers to use as a base for decoration.  It is likely that the sweaters shown here are high quality cashmere, used to match the quality of the dresses.  I love both sets.  What about you?