Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Polka Dots - 1956

Polka dots were a big hit for the spring of 1956.  Everyone was wearing them!  Here, a look at some polka dotted fashions, all from one issue of a high fashion magazine in March, 1956.  Enjoy!

Paul Parnes silk dress and jacket ensemble in navy with white dots.  Jacket trimmed in solid white at the collar and cuffs. Sold for $135 in 1956 (about $1,139 in today's dollar.)

Eisenberg silk dress in navy with white dots, accented with white at the neckline.  Sold for $60 in 1956 (about $506 in today's dollar.)

Jean Patou couture silk surah dress in black with white dots.  Blouson bodice and low belted waist.  Dior did polka dots for this season too.

Even Lilli Ann gets in on the polka dot action, adding embroidered polka dots to a worsted wool suit.  The suit was available in gray wool with red or white dots.  Sold for $100 in 1956 (about $843 in today's dollar.)

Don't like wearing polka dots head-to-toe?  Then, by all means, accessorize with them!  Cotton gloves by Hansen.  Sold for $3 in 1956 (about $25 in today's dollar.)


Erin said...

Those first three look like they all used the exact same fabric! I am almost done with a polka dotted dress (much smaller dots) from a 1940s pattern. I still have to do the hem, which will take no time at all. But that's just what I have. No time at all. :)

déjà pseu said...

I must say that polka dots have grown on me, especially when they are done in such a sophisticated way. I just got a new dress, black with white polka dots, and LOVE it...

Mary said...

Oooooo! Polka dots are so chic, fun and summery. Especially on dresses, etc. from that era!

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