Thursday, April 12, 2012

What to Wear With Yellow

Flipping through a magazine from 1960 this morning, I came across an article about what to wear with what, and there was yellow yet again!  In case you're thinking, "#IWouldWearYellow, but I have nothing to go with it," here are loads of ideas for you, my dears.

Left:  Yellow silk coat worn over a pale blue dress, accessorized with darker blue and green jewelry and green shoes. 
Right:  Bright yellow dress worn with orange-y red accessories.

Left:  Pineapple yellow suit worn with a yellow polka dotted white blouse and accessorized with a rattan handbag, gold jewelry and nude shoes.
Right:  Pineapple yellow dress worn with a pop of green hat, jade jewelry and beige shoes.

Left:  Pastel yellow silk dress worn with a polka dotted yellow hat, gold jewelry and pale yellow shoes.
Right:  Pastel yellow dress worn with a deeper orange-y yellow coat, pale yellow shoes and a pop of blue and white jewelry.

What would you wear with yellow?